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Meet the Team

Each of the managerial professionals of the ARG-INTL Ltd. has a minimum of fifteen (15) years industry experience in all major disciplines within the aviation industry, while the principals of the company have over forty (40) years of industry experience.

The principals and operational specialist of ARG-INTL named below have independently established his personal and professional credibility within the aviation industry. The reader will note that ARG-INTL’s aviation experts have a diverse aviation background from the Chairman’s level to flight operations, yet the industry experiences of each compliment the ARG-INTL mission of designing, developing and implementing “best-business” practices with regards to Airport Infrastructure Projects.


Jorge cropped

Jorge Colindres has (25) twenty-five years of varied aviation expertise ranging from aircraft sales and acquisitions to aircraft certification and regulation. He founded the International Air Safety Office in 1994; based in Miami, Florida. The company is dedicated to offering consulting services for the safety oversight of Civil Aviation Authorities, including: airline start-up, certification and conformity, aircraft airworthiness, inspection and registration. Mr. Colindres is a visionary in the field of offshore aircraft registration, as his company was the first company in the world to privately manage a Civil Aviation Authority Registration Program.

The Registry of Aruba’s list of clientele includes several Heads of State, members of Royal Families and high-profile customers around the world. Mr. Colindres takes pride in both the unique relationship, which he maintains with his clientele, and in his pristine reputation throughout the aviation industry. The total number of aircraft sold and registered since the formation of the company totals in the hundreds.

Michael Dennis

The breadth and depth of Michael’s experience has been in developing aviation projects in emerging markets around the globe. Since joining the ARG-INTL Team, Michael has lead numerous  international projects in  India, Latvia, Ukraine and Italy. With additional projects under consideration in South-East Asia, Qatar, Africa, Brazil and Kazakhstan. Michael has the ability to quickly adapt to new and different environments and situations with ease. Working in concert with our local partner, and/or other project entities; with the singular vision of tackling highly complicated specialized aviation development projects, in the shortest amount of time practicable.

Michael specializes in integrating top US/European FBO/MRO best practices, recommending and implementing standard operating procedures for discerning VIP clientele in emerging markets the world over. Leading projects in places where there is little, or no, concept of what an FBO/MRO is, from the viewpoint of a western FBO/MRO operating standards.

Steven Dennis

W. Stephen (Steve) Dennis has over forty (40) years of diverse aviation industry experience. His experience ranges from operational development to top management administration of major aviation companies. Mr. Dennis’ expertise encompasses specialized areas such as: mergers and acquisitions, structural financing, operational efficiency, business development, strategic planning and marketing. As a Board Member of the Aviation Registry Group, Mr. Dennis has acquired extensive experience in the field of Aircraft Registration.

In founding Aviation Resource Group International in 1975 (not affiliated with ARG-Intl, Ltd), Mr. Dennis established the industry’s first aviation business evaluation system and built an industry-wide sales database for tracking and valuing the purchase and sale of aviation businesses. Drawing upon a broad network of industry contacts and the creation and management of marquis projects throughout the world, under Mr. Dennis’ leadership ARG-INTL has grown to become one of general aviation’s pre-eminent aviation advisors


Thomas Hirschmann

Mr. Thomas Hirschmann’s experience in Aviation totals over forty (40) years. In addition to founding TMH Aviation Consulting in 1967, he worked his way up the corporate ladder from apprenticing as an airframe and engine mechanic, electronic engineer to Chairman and CEO for the Jet Aviation Group of companies.

Mr. Hirschmann’s extensive experience, coupled with his analytical capabilities and solid knowledge of all angles of the aviation business render him one of the most respected individuals in the aviation industry today.

David Best provides core expertise on FBO, airport infrastructure and business aviation with over 16 years in the business and commercial aviation sector following a career in supply chain and marketing.  He has worked extensively across USA, Asia Pacific and Europe and Africa.

David started his aviation career with Menzies Aviation in a development role based at the UK head office.  He subsequently joined Signature Flight Support in 2004 as Managing Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, where he managed the development of their 23 location European Fixed Base Operation (FBO) network from London, UK. During this time he both opened and acquired businesses in the UK, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland and South Africa.  He was promoted to the role of Chief Commercial Officer in 2009 at the Divisional Head Office in Florida, USA where he formed the commercial team consisting of sales, marketing, revenue management and brand extension for this $1bn business spanning 120 FBOs and 1 million business and general aviation arrivals annually.


Patrick Rotsaert

Mr. Patrick Rotsaert is an accomplished executive, manager, auditor, inspector, flight examiner, ground and flight instructor and airline pilot with international experience in airline start-ups, airline operation management, airline quality assurance management training development and management. In addition Mr. Rotsaert has developed expertise in, airline operation publications, civil aviation authority regulation development, civil aviation authority inspection programs development, civil aviation authority operation, aerodrome and licensing management and aviation automation solution development and implementation. He has over thirty-five (35) years of diversified aviation industry experience.


karan baoa

Capt. Karan Singh spent 10+ years flying Boeing 737’s for India’s leading airline. He is a dynamic man with a vision to give a new thrust and due recognition to Business Aviation in India. He incorporated KuBase Aviation Pvt. Ltd. in 2003 and Indo Pacific Aviation Ltd in 2004 with an aim to make the acquisition, ownership and operation of Business Aircraft simple and effective. Both these companies went on to contribute significantly to the growth of the sector. The unprecedented growth brought forth new opportunities and a fresh set of problems.

To resolve various issues with the government that were restraining the growth of Business Aviation, the Capt. persuaded a number of like-minded individuals and organizations to join hands to form the Business Aviation Association for India (BAAI) in 2005 to provide a strong voice that is heard, understood and respected.  With his unrelenting approach, he was able to get BAAI international recognition and affiliation to International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) in 2006. He served as President and later Vice-President of BAAI before it was merged into the Business Aircraft Operator’s Association (BAOA) in 2011. Capt. Singh’s knowledge of aviation coupled with a local contacts and expertise, make him the ideal partner for ARG-INTL in the dynamic Indian market.

Eugene e-pic

Mr. Eugene Okladnikov gained a taste for business aviation at a very young age, after graduating from George Washington University in 2004, he followed his passion and obtained an aviation management certificate from the St. Petersburg Aviation University. Over his career, Mr. Okladnikov has gained invaluable experience and has established himself as an authority in the area of business and private aviation in Russia and the former CIS countries a true distinction. Maintaining strong relationships with aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, FBO operators and aircraft owners and operators through Sky Pro Aviation Limited. Mr. Okladnikov’s aviation experience and his knowledge of Russia and the former CIS countries, make him the ideal partner for ARG-INTL in the often unpredictable Russian market.