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Patrick J. Rotsaert

Patrick Rotsaert

Qualifications Summary

Patrick Rotsaert is an accomplished executive, manager, auditor, inspector, flight examiner, ground and flight instructor and airline pilot with international experience in airline start-ups, airline operation management, airline quality assurance management training development and management. In addition Mr. Rotsaert has developed expertise in, airline operation publications, civil aviation authority regulation development, civil aviation authority inspection programs development, civil aviation authority operation, aerodrome and licensing management and aviation automation solution development and implementation. He has over (25) twenty five years of diversified aviation industry experience.

Results-oriented leader with proven success in airline and civil aviation authority’s operation development, implementation, strategic thinking, planning and problem solving.
Provided strategic business planning, leadership for safety-profitability balance, bottom-line responsibility, safety risk management.
Proven track record of consistently increasing safety awareness and regulatory compliance levels amongst employees, customers and management.
Established new methodologies and tracking systems with the integration of latest automation tools at low costs.
Elaborated policies, procedures and created guidance, reference and training publications.
Trained ground and flight staff.
Served as successful company and operation spokesperson.
Thrived in entrepreneurial, dynamic, and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.
Played a key role in establishing good reputation of airline and civil aviation authority.
Successfully adapted to mixed cultural environments and lead staff accordingly.


Aviation Related Professional Experience

2004 – Present, Air Astana, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Vice President of Operations (under contract with International Air Safety Office (IASO), Miami, Florida.

Air Astana Operations. Revised completely the Flight Operations organization, revised entirely the salary system and promotion policies, revised the training requirements, revised all operations manual (JAR-OPS standard), renegotiated all training contracts, participated in the negotiation of new aircraft leasing contracts and selection of new type of aircraft, reviewed crew requirements, helped the local Civil Aviation Authority in its migration towards the JAR (EASA) standards, helped the IT department at a corporate level, helped in the elaboration of organization corporate policies, reviewed the dispatching department, implemented new flight planning system, supervised the implementation of a new Flight Safety system and data equipment and analysis, selected and implemented a new global automation system (AIMS), proposed a new AB-INITIO program and budget to the Government.


Key achievements

Major cost savings in different operational areas
Increased productivity and reliability of operational staff
Increased safety and responsibility awareness
Implemented reliable follow-up methods and western style methodologies.
Increased the qualification and experience of the crew and staff
Developed policies, regulations, procedures and guidelines for all staff and employees
Built thrust of the Authorities and the employee’s vis-à-vis the company.


2003 – 2004, Air Astana, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Aviation Consultant (under contract with International Air Safety Office (IASO), Miami, Florida.

Air Astana Flight Operations for the introduction of turboprops


2000 – 2003, Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba, Operations, Licensing and Aerodrome Inspection Manager

Help revise the Aviation Act, developed and adapted regulations, and means of compliance and inspection programs. Prepared for an upcoming ICAO assessment, elaborated training plans for inspectors for local and abroad training, provided training on the job (OJT), exercised daily activities (Principal Operations Inspector, Head of Licensing and Aerodrome), liaised with FAA, JAA and other Civil Aviation Authorities. Implemented new methodologies and follow-up methods. Managed new AOC assessment projects, operator (airline and aerodrome) recertification, and aerodrome obstacle related matters, analyzed and proposed new departure and arrival navigation procedures. Promoted team concepts, human communications and acceptance of other ideas. Developed and implemented cheap but efficient computer automation solutions for inspection and licensing activities. Reviewed and proposed new job descriptions, organization and salary scales. Directed incident investigations leading to the proposal of safety enhancement corrective actions or penalties.


Key achievements

Increased productivity and reliability of the inspection workforce
Increased safety and responsibility awareness
Implemented reliable follow-up methods
Increased the qualification and experience of the staff
Developed policies, regulations, procedures and guidelines for inspectors, staff and the public


1997 – 2000, Air Aruba, Director of Quality Assurance (OPS), Head of Publications, Civil Aviations liaison, Project Manager

Developed and published new operation policies and procedures based on the new JAR regulations. Performed training on these new policies and procedures. Developed various automated (computer) programs for flight and ground operations and staff training. Developed and implemented an accident/incident prevention program. Developed and implemented a quality assurance program based on the JAR-OPS 1.035 and ISO 9000 concepts. Analyzed and investigated internal deficiencies (safety, compliance and efficiency issues). Member of an internal financial study team to re-assess entirely the company, to present a viability plan and a new business plan, produce a new (network) route study and analyze the equipment need of the Company.


Coordinated a project to re-organize completely the maintenance department and implement a new MSG-3 program from Boeing with the associated reliability and CASP programs. The process included the integration of Operations and Maintenance data input to provide timely information to the rest of the Company (MIS, statistics, and cross-checks).


Key achievements

Rendered the airline compliant with the new regulations based on the JAR’s
Substantially improved productivity while reducing staffing and operating costs
Implemented a technical quality system and general quality policy adapted to the local culture
Enhanced substantially the overall safety level.


1996 – 1997, Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba, ICAO compliance program Coordinator

In order to get ARUBA into category 1 (IASA-FAA system-ICAO Compliance), reviewed the legal system, helped to modify the Aviation Act, to legalize the identity of the Aviation Department, to establish the authority and responsibilities of its Director, the inspection section, development of the new regulations and means of compliance, development of the inspection procedures, technical organization (automation etc.).


Key achievements

Implemented a team concept
Achieved a remarkable level of compliance with the ICAO SARPS and the IASA-FAA category 1
Re-certificated existing airlines.


1992 – 1995, Air Aruba, Program Manager

Presented an operational study to incorporate the first large jets into the Company’s fleet. Coordinated the acquisition of the new jet aircraft. Started up and ran a new Flight Operations for Air Aruba. Instructed ground and flight personnel (ground, flight and simulator) (Captain and F/O initials, basic indoctrination, basic and advanced aircraft performance, aerodynamics, jet engines, Omega, FMS, GPS, initial flight training, transition, upgrades, IOE, proficiency checks, line checks, instructor checks). Created the operation manuals, MELs and flight time limitation program.


Key achievements

Successfully started up and managed a new complex and safe operation with various cultural differences between employees and Management
Indoctrinated Management and staff on safety awareness and responsibilities
Successfully balanced safety/compliance with operational costs.


1986 – 1991, TEA (Trans-European Airways), B737-200/300 and Airbus A300 Captain and ground instructor

Helped launching a new operation for TEA-Turkey. Instructed at EATC (European Aerospace Training Center). Flew as line pilot in several different sub-operations internationally.


Key achievements

Acquired a solid international experience as airline Captain
Helped actively in operations. (Manuals, training and new startup)
Learned from training flight crews of different origins and cultural backgrounds.


1987 – 1991, Starline International, Founder and Managing Director

Established the company (Computer Telecommunication Development, wholesaler for a dealer network for the BENELUX and North of France regions). Analyzed customer needs to elaborate program (software) operation and crew scheduling solutions for charter operations and sales men. Launched and marketed an in-house complete product (adaptive software) “MEPAS” for general medical doctors. Distributed an accounting software solution compliant to local laws.


Key achievements

Acquired a solid computer expertise in hardware and software
Developed a good business expertise and negotiation skills
Founded a good profitable business
Learned about human factors relationships between man-machine.


1985 – 1986, SABENA (EAT), Commuter pilot


Key achievements

Learned about European operations and difficult [weather] environments


1982 – 1985, Sozadex / T.M.B. Aviation, Managing Director (and pilot)

Startup and managed a VIP and Corporate flight operation for flights for a large business group and external corporate customers, a corporate aviation handling division. Studied and proposed a large Aviation Cargo Transport operation for the group. Implemented a large telecommunication division for the group (19 medium to large companies).


1976 – 1984, Free-Lancing, Consultancy & Miscellaneous

Official Aviation Accidents and Incidents Insurance Inspector for the whole Zairian Territory for the Aviation Insurance Company AVIABEL (AVIAtion BELgium) being attaché to the Antwerps

Prior to 1980, Belgium Army, Ballistic nuclear shooting specialist and light aviation Alouette II helicopter division.


DEKEERSMACKER Expertise Bureau

Aircraft Sales and studies (small to medium categories)
SOTACO Chief Pilot/Check Airman. (C-404, C-402, B-60)
SIFORZAL Pilot interim and ZAS (Zairian Air Services) Free-lance Pilot (DC3)
6 Months contract with ENRA/ENZYMAZES International in ZAIRE and BELGIUM for Aircraft
Purchase, Pilot Instructor, Small Operation Setup, 1000 m airfield construction (remote area)
Ferries, Charters, Aviation School part time Manager and Aerobatic Pilot
Army Duty as Ballistic Nuclear Shooting Specialist (SAS organization) and Light Aviation (Helicopter Alouette II).


Professional Pilot Experience

Current Licenses

JAA ATPL # B114528 current

US ATPL # 2364631 current

Aruba ATPL # TA-92/017 current


Total: 10750

Flight Instructor: approx 350 hours (Jet)


Other Qualifications



Areas and Type of Experience

Various experiences on different jets and different cockpits (EFIS, non-EFIS, FMS, GPS, OMEGA) in various parts of the world (Europe, Africa, Caribbean, USA, South America) and CATII. Different type of operations such as scheduled airline, charter airline, cargo, air taxi and sanitary evacuation.


Make and model

Date Last Flown

PIC hrs.

CoP Hrs. Type Rating
Airbus A320 25-Aug-03 SIM + ZFTT Y
Boeing B737-200



1156.92 Y
Boeing B737-300


990.47 1395.92 Y
Boeing B737- 700 NG


26.32 Y
Douglas DC9-30


363.31 8.58 Y
Douglas MD83


423.74 69.69 Y
Douglas MD88


2382.48 32.35 Y

Various multi-engine turboprops and multi-engine & single engine pistons



European (JAA) Airline Transport Pilot License (Belgian Academy)
FAA Airline Transport Pilot License
E.C.A.M. University in Brussels (Electro mechanics) (interrupted for Aviation orientation).
Graduation of Belgian High School (Science and Mathematics) with access to superior studies in- Elizabethville-Various specialized courses throughout career


Personal Information

Married to Ann Rotsaert, Mr. Rotsaert has (1) one son, Kevin. The family resides in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Mr. Rotsaert speaks the following languages: English, French and Dutch. He is in excellent health, no drinking, no smoking and exercises regularly.