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Operational & Managerial Staff Training

In 1995 Aviation Resource Group International, America Airlines (AMR Combs) joint-ventured the first commercially successful training program for FBO operational level personnel, this program was then know as the Professional Line Service Training Program (PLST).

The digital PLST 5 hour training video was sold to more than 500 Fixed Base Operators over a 7 year period, and became known as the industry standard for operations procedure and safety training for the refueling and handling of over 125 types of fixed and rotor winged aircraft.

In 2002 ARGI and AMR Combs (now merged with Signature Flight Support) donated the program to the United States’ National Air Transportation Association (NATA) to become part of the NATA’s Safety First training imitative. The PLST is now offered as part of the integrated training resources available to each of the hundreds of NATA member companies.

ARG-INTL continues its long-established commitment to training by offering two primary training programs for the private aviation industry.

  1. Staff and operational level (first line-supervisors) personnel can be trained by ARG-INTL instructors in all aspects of their individual job descriptions.
  2. Professional development and advanced instruction of qualified managerial personnel can be accomplished by ARG-INTL.