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Aircraft Outfitting Supervision

The Outfitting Supervision of ARG-INTL’s experts will guarantee you the highest standards of quality and safety in combination with cost effective proceedings.

ARG-INTL prepares the tendering of suitable completion centers and verifies their bids to help you select the best qualified completion center anywhere in the world.

Your ARG-INTL project team will continuously have a liaison representative on site to safeguard your interest on a daily basis and to control every single step of the production process.


Contract and Cost Negotiations

  • Protecting your financial interests by understanding your needs and your aircraft’s missions and as a consequence negotiating the best price
  • Simplifying your contract negotiating process
  • Giving you a cost advantage as we participate in the negotiation process on your behalf
  • Providing you the benefits of our strong business relationships with service centers and vendors.

Progress ManagementVIP cabin configuration

  • On-site supervision
  • Monitoring quality workmanship and service
  • Progress updates
  • Scheduling
  • On-going consultation